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See why individuals, government contractors, employers and businesses hire us. We represent clients in virtually all issues related to federal government contracting (over 20 years in the marketplace), Colorado Business Law, Health care and Procurement Fraud Defense, Employer discrimination defense. We build long-term relationships based on trust and integrity.


Our law firm understands that you need the best. Both in outcome and service. We aim for these goals no matter how small the task. However, we also understand that your reason for trusting us with your concerns is never “small.” We keep it professional.


We’ve been at this since 2003. We plan the end result with our clients. We go through the process as a team. Our awards come from our clients. Nothing else matters.


When companies or individuals come to us we understand that they want high quality. This is why we communicate at all levels to make sure that you come out on top. Not every situation will have a case thrown out but at least you know the truth up front. Trust and high quality is what we aim for.


If your case concerns federal contracts, we can represent clients in every state and overseas. If we are dealing with a criminal or federal case, we can work with local counsel to advance the outcome we need. We also have law offices in Washington DC and Colorado. We are positioned to gain reach in all states for government contracting cases.


Although attorneys cannot guaranty results, we definitely guaranty that we will use our best efforts to get you the best result under the facts presented to us.


Our team will always be available to assist. We understand that questions will always come up.



We treat every legal issue as though it were going before a judge or jury. However, our goal is not to get there if we can help it. We develop the object or goal first and work backwards. This way, we very seldom miss the mark.



Government Contract Claims, Dispute Litigation and Consulting We don't regularly review, but do so appreciatively because of an exceptional experience: We contacted Mr. Watson with a federal procurement matter. He responded immediately and even offered to make a few calls. More, he suggested a reasonable direct response methodology as an alternate to drawing lines in the sand and legal bills. It was sound advice, gladly given without a retainer in the name of relationship building.

Cy Farkas Dataware Systems

Government contracting is not simple, and what you do not know can hurt you and cost you. As a seasoned professional with 40 years of experience, I depend upon Theodore Watson and his dedicated team of experienced professionals. They provide winning solutions to the most complicated contracting problems you will encounter. Mr. Watson combines tactical and strategic legal and business analysis to plan and successfully accomplish the best outcome for you and your business. Theo quickly executes the agreed upon plan, thinks "on his feet" to your advantage, is NEVER taken by surprise and completes the mission quickly. Unlike the protracted practices of most legal counsel that do what it takes to keep the meter running, Mr. Watson does what it takes to get the best possible decision in your favor in the best time frame possible. For legal representation concerning government business Watson and Associates is the only place for your business!

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Our agency is extremely appreciative of the consultation and direction that Theodore Watson and his associates have provided us over the last five years regarding several areas of government contracting, including SBA and FOIA. Mr. Watson has a distinct talent to immediately get to the heart of each issue and provide timely and concise guidance. In addition, his background as a former government Contracting official provides a unique insight into the mechanisms of government contracting.

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Yes, you have to cooperate. However, you have constitutional rights. You should let them know that you want to seek counsel first.

Yes, you can. However, depending on which court you appeal to, there is a short deadline?

You should call our office at 1.866.601.5518 and Schedule a Call. This way, we can gather the facts and get started.

No- No attorney should guaranty results. It is not just unethical, but is certainly brings up the issue of trustworthiness.

Disclaimer: the information provided in this document and any email correspondence is not intended to be legal advice since there is no official attorney client relationship. You must consult with an attorney for any legal advice.

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