Lorienne Nseka Government Contracts AttorneyLorienne Nseka is an Associate government contracts attorney at Watson & Associates, LLC located in the Denver, Colorado office.who can represent clients in federal procurement matters, including bid protest, teaming and subcontracting arrangements, FAR compliance, Contract Disputes Act claims, contract terminations and small business matters. 

When federal contractors face adverse actions or involved in litigation, the requirement for concise legal authority is paramount. Ms. Nseka fills that gap for our team. This work behind the scenes is critical to the outcome of any case.

During her tenure at Watson & Associates, Lorienne has contributed significantly and assisted in complex cases involving bid protests, government contract disputes involving delays, liquidated damages, requests for equitable adjustments and more. She has been instrumental in the firm’s litigation cases at the Boards of Contract Appeals and Court of Federal Claims.

Lorienne has also played a significant role in resolving small business disputes involving teaming agreements, joint ventures and mentor protege relationships. 

Practice Areas

Contract Disputes Act

  •  Contract claims against the federal government
  • Delays, liquidated damages and equitable adjustments
  • Termination for default and convenience

Small Business Matters

  • Joint ventures
  • Contractor teaming
  • Mentor protege relationships
  • SBA affiliation matters


Ms. Nseka received her B.A. degree from the University of Colorado in 2013 and her J.D. from Western Michigan University in 2017.