Hannah Cain is an Administrative Assistant at Watson & Associates, LLC. Client concerns are an important aspect of providing legal services.

From the initial phone call to case closeout, customer service and attentiveness are crucial concerns. We understand that our clients’ time is valuable. Therefore, Mrs. Cain provides prompt and effective service to the firm’s clients and the courts.

Mrs. Cain navigates through the initial call and provides prompt direction to an attorney who can potentially help the client. Organizing important documents for trial or some other event is critical to the presentation of our clients’ bottom line. Ms. Cain is a valuable asset to the firm in this area and the following.

  • Administrative and office support activities for multiple persons
  • Receptionist tasks such as fielding telephone calls, receiving and directing visitors
  • Word processing, creating spreadsheets and presentations
  • Filing and data entry


Mrs. Cain oversees the various firm spreadsheets for executive management and frequently uses her knowledgeable in office software, such as Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint etc.

Event Planning and Scheduling

Mrs. Cain is responsible for event planning such as board meetings and scheduling appointments and preparing presentation materials. She also stores, organizing and manages administrative files,  type, edit and proofread documents.  She is also responsible for recording the minutes of meetings.

When the firm provides training and public events, Mrs. Cain handles the nuts and bolts to bring the end result together.

Contact Mrs. Cain online or call 1-866-601-5518.