Federal Governement Contracts and Business Law AttorneysAt the law firm of Watson & Associates, LLC our team of Federal Government Contract Attorneys, and Colorado business law attorneys, have a unique combination of backgrounds and experience to manage your case through to a successful completion. We are consistently seeking out new talent with diverse backgrounds to give you a competitive edge in federal procurement. Our offices are located in Washington, DC and Colorado. Providing sound legal advice and building trusting and long-lasting relationships are the backbone of the practice.

Theodore P. Watson, Esq. (Denver, Washington,DC)– Founder and managing member of Watson & Associates, LLC, Mr. Watson handles business and corporate law; contract law and litigation; government contract law; and employment law defense issues. As a retired Air Force member, Mr. Watson’s many years of experience as a federal contracting and small business official working for the U.S. government give clients a significant advantage and brings a unique perspective to the table, especially when doing business with the federal government.

He is known for aggressive representation in government contracting and protection of small business rights in fraud, improper prime and subcontracting relationships, False Claims and other contractor relationships. In addition, to provide strategic executive level advice, his goal is to provide clients with sound direction, aggressive representation and to build trusting relationships. His broad spectrum of real-world experience also enhances Mr. Watson’s diverse skill set.Full Bio…

Wojtek Kornacki, Esq. (Washington, DC Metro Area) – Of Counsel. As a former Army Judge Advocate, Wojciech Z. Kornacki serves Of Counsel to Watson & Associates, LLC and assigned to the law firm’s Washington, DC Office. He provides federal government contracts law and litigation services and has earned a reputation as a tenacious and zealous advocate for his clients. Government contractors obtain his legal advice in appeals at the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals.

When it comes to representing contractors in debarment or fraudulent contracting practices, Mr. Kornacki is experienced in developing evidence in mitigation, extenuation, and rebuttal.  His Federal Procurement clients have enjoyed accurate and timely legal advice and zealous representation at the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals. Mr. Kornacki served a combined eight years in the United States Army, of which 5.5 years he served as a Judge Advocate. Full Bio..

Christopher R. Shiplett, Esq. (Washington,DC) is a government contracts attorney and serves as Of Counsel to Watson & Associates, LLC in its Washington, DC office. He focuses his practice on government contracting, software and technology licensing and procurement, intellectual property, and litigation.He has negotiated prime contracts and negotiated and drafted sub-contracts both as first tier entity negotiating with the subcontractor and as the subcontractor negotiating with the prime.

Mr. Shiplett has represented clients in both the Armed Services and the Civilian Boards of contract appeals. He has represented government contractors as both protestor and intervenor at the Government Accountability Office (“GAO”). He has negotiated prime contracts and negotiated and drafted sub-contracts both as first tier entity negotiating with the subcontractor and as the subcontractor negotiating with the prime. Full Bio…


Leanna M. Ajour, Esq. (Denver, CO)  is an Associate Attorney at Watson & Associates, LLC. She primarily focuses on business law and federal government contracts. Ms. Ajour helps government contractors in various areas including bid protests, contract terminations, government contract claims, contract novations, 8a certification and more. She also focuses on Colorado business law areas such as limited liability companies and partnerships, breach of contract law, business transactions and more. Full Bio….

Wayne White, Esq. (Denver, CO) Wayne White is a veteran of the United States Air Force, has over 25 years of experience in law and government contracts, and serves as Of Counsel to Watson & Associates, LLC.  He primarily focuses in the areas of ITARS Compliance and Certification, Export Control, Government Contract Law, bid protests, contract terminations, business and commercial law and space law. Full Bio...

Darryl Goodwin, Non-Attorney (Denver,CO) – As government contract consultant with Watson & Associates, LLC, Mr. Goodwin’s experience is instrumental in providing our attorneys and clients with insight from the perspective of a federal contracting officer. An expert Federal Acquisitions Regulations, U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) schedules, federal procurement, and termination issues, Mr. Goodwin brings 30 years of government contract experience (as a Contracting Officer) in construction, engineering, information technology (IT) services, and services and supplies. Full Bio

Joyce Woody (Denver,CO) – Administrative Assistant to Watson & Associates, LLC, Ms. Woody has extensive experience with the support services for federal government and federal contracting. Ms. Woody exhibits extreme attention to detail and a great degree of professionalism, she ensures that clients receive the high-level service they expect. Her federal government experience with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Department of Defense (DOD) provide insight that is invaluable to our team, and give us a unique perspective that other firms cannot achieve.Full Bio…

Hannah Cain,  (Denver CO) Administrative Assistant

Government contractors across the country and Colorado businesses rely on the team’s expertise in order to make sound decisions. We believe in building trusting relationships and being honest and up front with our clients.

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