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A government facility security clearance (FCL) is provided to a defense contractor as a result of a federal government contract requiring performance on a classified effort.  If your company does not possess the requisite facility clearance, you can end up being disqualified for the award.

In other situations, the government may deny your security clearance. An appeal may be in order if there are sufficient grounds. Our security clearance lawyers can help you with how to get a security clearance.  At Watson & Associates, LLC, our security clearance lawyers provide a wide range of legal services to help clients to obtain their facility clearance and to advise them about their obligations.

Security Clearance Lawyers & Appeal Services For Government Contractors

Our security clearance attorneys  are immediately available to help individuals and government contractors by providing guidance and help them through the entire security application process. We also represent clients in the revocation and appeals process. Our legal services include:

  • Secret Clearance Applications
  • Preparation of response to the Statement of Reasons and Denial Letters
  • Requests for Hearings
  • Pre-Clearance Counseling for SF-86 and DD Form 1879 – Our security clearance attorneys can help identify mitigating circumstances, and assist in drafting answers
  • Preparation for interrogatories and investigative interviews
  • Representation at post-denial hearings in front of the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals including the appearance before federal courts and government agencies.
  • Witness preparation 

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How to get a security clearance FAQs

As stated on the Clearance Jobs Page, here are some of the more common security clearance questions.

Can a security clearance be reinstated after being terminated?

Yes. If a person previously had a clearance and the investigation is not outdated, the security clearance can be reinstated by the agency that originally granted the clearance or it can be accepted and reciprocally granted by a different agency, provided there hasn’t been a break-in-service of two years or more.  Under certain circumstances, a clearance can be reinstated (recertified), if it is not more than 2 years out-of-date and a request for reinvestigation has been initiated.

Nationwide Federal ITAR Facility Clearance Help

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