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ITAR Consultants Import Export Control LawyersThe United States Government has increased its oversight of  company operations, DDTC ITAR compliance audits, Commerce Control List (CCL) and international trade transactions.

Taking a proactive approach to your company’s day-to-day operations or getting alicense can significantly reduce the likelihood of the government assessing fines and penalties.

  • Detailed assessments of each situation 
  • Prompt turnaround
  • Competitive rates

At Watson & Associates, LLC, our team of ITAR EAR consultants provide detailed solutions from the initial stages of how to get ITAR certification to long-term consulting, ITAR training, and legal guidance.

  • Resolve issues regarding Jurisdiction (ITAR vs. EAR)
  • Retransfers
  • Automated Systems
  • Commodity Categorization
  • Documentation/Recordkeeping
  • Grandfathering/Legacy Issues
  • Commodity Jurisdiction (ITAR EAR)
  • Mission Systems
  • Registration
  • Specially Designed Products
  • Technical Data Matters
  • Transitioning Items/Commodities

When companies are involved in government investigations or charged with civil and criminal ITAR EAR violations, we provide litigation and legal counsel.

We work with company executives and program managers to take proactive measures by revamping old internal policies and control or by helping new companies to get ITAR certified and also develop the necessary manuals and checklists that minimizes trade compliance violations. 

ITAR Consultants, ITAR Compliance Solutions 

With locations in Washington DC and Colorado, our services from our consultants provide a wide variety of ITAR compliance solutions to companies involved with international shipping including: 

  • ITAR Regulations (EAR Regulations)
  • ITAR EAR regulations guidance
  • ITARS registration services
  • US  compliance consulting
  • Failure to register and subcontractor problems
  • Standard Shipping and Lapsed registrations
  • Certificate of Origin matters
  • ITAR Audit help 

EAR ITAR Compliance Consultants

  • Help with ITAR Penalties, Mandatory Disclosure, and Plans
  • ITAR Compliance Program Development and Regulatory compliance solutions
  •  ITAR license guidance and statutory interpretation
  • ITAR EAR restrictions
  • Destination Control Statements
  • Manufacturing License Agreements (MLA)
  • ITAR Certification and Compliance Requirements
  • Customs regulations and exemptions to licensing requirements
  • Technical Assistance Agreements (TAAs)
  • Help with the Commerce Control List (CCL)
  • DOS Registration
  • DATA Security
  • ITAR lawyer Advisory Opinions
  • ITAR certification training
  •  Developing ITAR requirements and compliance policies and controls
  •  ITARS EAR compliance and guidance
  • DSP 5 Licenses
  • DDTC ITAR License Transfers
  • Drafting an effective ITAR manual
  • Voluntary Disclosures
  • Sale purchase defense company and foreign buyer manufacturer ITARcompliance

To speak with our ITAR compliance attorneys about ITAR law, how to get ITAR certification,  call our ITAR compliance consultants at 1-866-601-5518 for a FREE initial consultation.

ITAR Registration & Compliance Solutions Help

ITAR Compliance EARManufacturer DDTC ITARS registration and overall ITAR certification requirements for customs regulations and international shipping compliance requirements for getting ITAR registered.

ITAR License applications and  solutions: Foreign employee  license applications DSP-5 and ITAR and EAR permanent license applications DSP-5.

Technical Assistance Agreements: ITARS End-User Statements, destination control statement help, technical assistance agreements and following EAR ITAR certification requirements, regulations and guidelines in addition to sale and purchase in the course of ITAR transactions.

ITAR Certification Policies and ITAR ComplianceProcedures

  • ITAR Registration.  
  • Controlled Asset Identification and Classification regulations.
  • Commodity Jurisdiction Requests. 
  • ITAR Compliance Programs.  
  •  License Agreement and Applications.  

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Understanding the importance of prompt service, our ITAR lawyers and consultants at Watson & Associates, LLC  frequently help small and large businesses to specifically assess their current conditions, providing tailored ITAR training, and by helping company officials to strengthen the legal foundation for the corporations. 

EAR ITAR Applications

Watson & Associates’s import ITAR certification consultants provide decades of experience military and DOD contract within the United States and overseas including China exporting. As an ITAR Compliance law firm, we also focus on protecting commercial and international trade relationships, meeting ITAR compliance requirements for federal government projects, and the company’s reputation while safeguarding its bottom line.

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