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Assess Your 8a Qualifications When it Comes to Net Worth Issues

Get insights into your assets and how to rearrange to meet the SBA’s guidelines.
  • Understand how the SBA looks at your investment
  • Properly account for rental properties
  • Learn how the SBA applies alleged loans to the business to its 8a qualifications requirements

Get Legal Analysis for Potential Affiliation and Control Issues

This an area where most 8(a) certification applications fail.

Get guidance on your business relationships and the potential for violating SBA affiliation rules.
  • Understand how the SBA looks into your business relationships and whether you are a small disadvantaged business enterprise
  • Make sure that your revenues do not violate the legal threshold to impute control over your business
  • Learn how to develop strategies for 8a set aside projects

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Get the benefit of over 30 years of combined government contracting experience and litigation success against the SBA.
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  • If the SBA denies your 8a application we can also help with appeals

Post 8(a) Certification Help

After you become 8(a) certified, Watson & Associates’ lawyers and consultants can help you with a variety of issues that arise. We can help with:
  • Business development strategies to seek out and acquire federal contracts
  • Teaming and joint venture relationships
  • Sole source procurements
  • Legal representation with small business size protests and other legal disputes
  • Internal policies and controls
  • Violation of government procurement fraud regulations

Nationwide 8(a)Certification Help

As government contract attorneys and consultants, we understand the federal small business regulations. We help small disadvantaged businesses regardless of your state to get 8(a) certified.

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