Are You or Your Company Facing Criminal Liability for False Claims Act Or Another Federal Criminal Act?

Benefit from both our government contracts and False Claims Act Federal Qui  Tam defense experience

  • Members of our team and attorneys that have worked for the government but also understand the legal implications of the criminal legal system when it comes to  the whistleblower provision of the Federal False Claims Act
  • We help you to avoid the most costly mistakes seen to date in white-collar criminal defense cases.
  • We represent federal criminal defendants only (Corporations, Government Contractors and Individuals).
false claims act defense lawyers and white collar crime

Reduce False Claims Act Penalties

Assess the strengths and weaknesses in your case early A successful defense starts by knowing the facts and evidence that helps your case and the ones that don’t. The government does make mistakes. Our job as government fraud lawyers and Federal False Claims Act Quitam defense attorney is to uncover government mistakes early.
  • In False Claims Act defense and other white collar criminal defense, how you cooperate from the investigation stage goes a long way. (When cases involve federal procurement, most criminal defense attorneys have little experience regarding federal procurement and even small business procurement rules. Let us help.  
  • Get clear direction and honest opinions from legal professionals who understand the ins and outs of the government’s case against you.

Aggressive Qui Tam Defense in a Variety of Federal Cases

At Watson & Associates, our federal defense attorneys represent defendants in varying types of civil and criminal cases including:

Get Unique Experience With Federal Small Business Progra, Problems

Our federal criminal defense attorney, with over three decades of experience, has a team of professionals to assist with the underlying allegations in the government’s case. When SBA fraud when small business programs are involved, we are in a unique position to defend our clients.
  • Get specialized help with SBA small business program fraud
  • Learn how to minimize false claims act penalties that are stacked against you
  • Representation with conspiracy, mail fraud, and wire fraud cases
  • Get parallel representation with suspension and debarment
  • When negotiations fail, get aggressive representation in court

Get Help From the Government Investigation Stages All the Way Through Litigation

  • Get help responding to the government’s subpoena requests
  • Defense in pre-indictment and post-indictment stages
  • For high-risk cases, we can assemble a top defense team to represent you  against stiff false claims act penalties

Nationwide False Claims Act Federal Criminal Defense

For federal false claims cases, we can help defendants in virtually all states.  When overseas clients are subject to US laws our criminal defense attorneys can help.
  • Get help with False Claims Act and Qui Tam Defense
  • Pass through and fraud schemes
  • SBA procurement fraud, and more
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By Contacting Our False Claims Act Lawyers and QUI TAM Defense Attorneys, You Will:]

false claims act and white collar criminal defense lawyers
  • Get immediate access to lawyers that understand government contracts and procurement law
  • Get prompt and clear direction as to the next steps
  • A better idea of what the case is about and potential liability
  • How the process works and whether there are any defenses to the allegations
  • Candid conversations so that you understand the positives and negatives of the case.
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