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Federal Contract Criminal Charge Lawyer, Government Fraud Lawyer & Criminal Defense AttorneysFederal Government contract fraud can occur at any time from the initial bidding stages all the way to contract closeout. A combination of facts can lead law enforcement agencies to conclude that you or your company is liable for government contract fraud.This can be a tough situation to be in because once the agency launches a federal government investigation, you now have to commit valuable resources to defend your company’s reputation.

  • Get the the real issues early. It can save time and tens of thousands of dollars
  • Does the federal prosecutor have a valid criminal charge to pursue?
  • Do you have an attorney that understands small business programs and procurement law?
  • Get to the bottom of the case and not have to pay for the commercial criminal attorney to get up to speed about government contract.
  • Show the federal attorneys that you have someone on your side that understand the process AND procurement laws.

Can a contractor be criminally charged? Unfortunately, the reality is that procurement fraud charges are looked at as though a government contractor is guilty before even getting to trial. Federal law enforcement agencies have recouped billions of dollars in criminal fines and penalties. Your goal is to not become a statistic.

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Federal Contract Charge Defense Attorney Services

At Watson & Associates, LLC, our defense contractor fraud lawyers provide legal defense for federal contractors from the investigation stage, through pre-indictment for a federal contract charge and all the way through trial if necessary.


We build a defense team to handle a variety or procurement fraud matters

 Whether you are being investigated or charged with False Claims Act Violations, Misrepresent the labor and material costs; providing different products than the John Scorsine Government Procurement Fraud Criminal Defense Attorneyones agreed upon by the Government; using substandard or poorly made materials; charging the government for materials, labor, or research that is not part of the project; Anti-kickback federal contract charge or conducting fraudulent schemes under the various government small business programs (SBA 8(a), HUBZone Program, WOSB ) or violating the limitations on subcontracting and affiliation rules, our federal government contract fraud attorneys can help.

Speak to our federal government contractor fraud attorney, John Scorsine for immediate assistance.

  • For high-provide criminal defense cases, we bring in external experts as needed to fight back against the government’s substantial resources. This creates additional value for our clients because it helps to reduce unnecessary overhead costs.
  • We understand the traditional criminal defense attorneys are not always experienced in federal procurement law. Therefore, we can serve in a variety of roles for better accommodate our clients.
  • We can defend individuals involved with a federal contract criminal charge in ALL STATES.

Other areas that our defense contractor fraud lawyers can help you include:

  • Violation of the Criminal False Claims Act
  • Procurement Integrity Act violations
  • Truth in Negotiations Act
  • Bid-rigging and contract source selection violations,
  • Bribery and kickbacks
  • False statements and criminal charges against contractor business entities
  • Wire fraud involving procurement fraud schemes to defraud the federal government
  • Healthcare fraud and other federal contract charges
  • SBA Fraud and Small business fraud involving federal government small business programs (8(a) Business Development BD Programs, HUBZOne and other small business criminal violations

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What Can Our Government Contract & Criminal Defense Attorneys Do? 

When it comes to defending a federal contract charge, getting one of the best criminal defense lawyers first means getting someone that understands the various issues that can arise in ffederal government contract fraud cases. For example, a criminal defense attorney that is well-versed in SBA (a) Business Develop Programs, HUBZone or small business procurement law can better negotiate better outcomes with the federal attorneys. If there is some evidence of your liability then defense contractor fraud attorney can discuss with you the possibility of a please bargain or lower fines.

If the government decides to pursue post-indictment litigation, then Watson’s federal contract charge defense lawyers can help find the strongest legal defense available, develop strategies to weaken the government’s case.

  • We put together a solid team that primarily focuses on your case
  • If your criminal defense team does not have someone experienced in government small business programs, the Federal Acquisition Regulations or procurement laws, then your case is already in serious jeopardy.


The United States Supreme Court decided that contractors doing business with the federal government can be sued for contract fraud even if they fail to disclose significant legal or regulatory violations. When you in any way try to defraud the government either through submitting false invoices, provide substandard products or other means, you can be found guilty of a federal contract criminal charge. As a company doing business with the government, you can now be subject to even more government fraud investigations for contract fraudulent misrepresentations.

Defense contractor fraud comes in various types and forms. The issues becomes whether the government allegations are supported by evidence or law. There will be a number of allegations of defense contractors in various industry groups committing government contractor fraud. These types may include purchase and federal procurement fraud, serious contract compliance violations, and alleged kickbacks from contractors (the contractor is also implicated). At the end of the day, the federal contract criminal charge brought against you will involve the Federal Criminal False Claims Act. 

The False Claims Act plays a significant part in any federal contract fraud case. Therefore, having the right government contracting fraud attorney is critical because there are so many different angles that the government attorneys try to corner federal contractors.


Yes. Contractors, their executives and employees can be criminally charged for procurement fraud and any other criminal act in the government contracts and procurement process. Common cases include violations of the criminal False Claims Act, conspiracy to defraud the government, wire fraud and mail fraud.


The False Claims Act, the hook for federal contract charge attorneys to prosecute defense contractors, typically involves criminal contract charges claiming that the defense contractor provided false information regarding product specifications to the federal government, such as testing records, in violation of a statute, regulation or the contract terms . Other cases include criminal allegations or government investigations where government contractors mischarged the Government for the cost of the supplies or services rendered.

  • The Supreme Court made it clear that violations of the False Claims Act should not occur if where noncompliance is “minor or insubstantial.”
  • Not having a viable defense attorney on board could cause you to serve significant amounts of jail time or pay substantially high fines and penalties to the government.


The Federal Acquisition Regulation (“FAR”) amendments mandate that all federal government contractors self-disclose its own or its employees’ violations of criminal conduct, relating to defense contracts and procurement fraud, conflict of interest, bribery or gratuities, or the False Claims Act. 

  • If you do not self-disclose federal crimes, then any government fraud investigation, quit tam or criminal law case can be more of an uphill battle to defend.
  • Your obligation to disclose also must be in connection with the award, performance, or closeout of the federal contract or subcontract.

Having a top contract fraud defense attorney on your team to sift through the important nuances can potentially avoid federal criminal charges for false statements and prosecution for fraud contracts with the government.

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