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  • Do you have a sound legal business partnership agreement in place to protect your legally
  • Are you complying with Colorado partnership laws to avoid personal liability?

If you don’t have a valid business partnership contract in place, the courts will just follow the statute. You may not like the result.

  • Quick turnaround for small business partnership agreements
  • Review of current agreements to assess potential liability
  • Business partnership dispute resolution
  • We handle all contracts for business partners
  • Individual partners rights vs corporation rights
  • Careful legal analysis and competitive rates.

The legal system can be intimidating. Many Colorado business owners understand the basic legal principles of forming a business partnership but fall short of preserving the company’s legal rights and further protecting the individuals from personal liability.

Colorado courts frequently hear partnership dispute cases where the business partners have breach their fiduciary duty to the business or simply do not have a legally sufficient contracts for business partners. You must have the basic documents in place at the early stages of the formation of partnership entities.

Colorado Business Partnership Lawyers & Legal Services

Being a business partner, there are a variety of legal issues that can arise in any type of Colorado business contract. As Colorado partnership lawyers and legal counsel to the various limited and general partnerships, our incorporation attorneys provide legal advice to our clients to resolve a variety of legal issues when starting a business including.

  • Developing Colorado business partnership agreements,
  • Help with personal liability disputes,
  • Silent small business partnership agreements
  • Common law business partner assessments
  • Business formation and dissolution of partnership,
  • Corporate and general business law
  • Partnership compensation
  • Limited liability agreement
  • Partnership dissolution agreement
  • Limited liability companies,
  • Business contract law services,
  • Partnership contract buyout agreement help,
  • Domestic business partnership disputes;
  • Providing legal advice about each partner’s obligation to the company and each other.
  • Litigation and defense representation in company partnership business disputes.

If you are starting a  general partnership or limited partnership in Colorado and need looking to find business agreement lawyers for immediate legal advice with your legal business partnership agreement, call our business partnership lawyers at 720-941-7200 for FREE Initial Consultation.

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Business Partnership Agreement Lawyer – Our Experience Matters

The process of protecting the rights of the partnership entity and the business partners begins with knowing how the legal system works in Colorado and using it to your advantage.  At Watson & Associates, LLC, our business partnership agreement lawyers have been providing legal advice to corporate executives since 2003. We have also resolved many small business partnership agreement disputes short of litigation.

  • We treat all of your concerns as though it were going before a judge or jury.
  • The simplest mistake in a  partnership agreement can cause you to spend substantial amounts of money.
  • Get prompt turnaround  for transactional matters and contracts for business partners
  • Make sure that your assets are protected from creditors or third parties when the law allows it

Develop a small business partnership agreement that covers the risk and liabilities that really can happen. If your agreement does not address your concerns, Colorado courts may use the partnership statutes to give you a result that you may not like.

  • Without a viable business partnership contract, Colorado courts then resolve business partner disputes under the Colorado Partnership Statute (you may not like the result.)
  • Get a business agreement that covers your legal concerns
  • Buy-outs is a situation that many small business partnership agreements do not cover

No guesswork: When General or limited partnership LP businesses use our Colorado partnership law lawyers for legal advice, they understand that we provide a more substantive analysis of the underlying issue and not generic answers. This means conducting our legal research to see how courts are deciding the very issue before us. Contact our business agreement lawyers today

Small Business Partnership Agreements- Avoiding Personal Liability in Your Small Business

Depending on the legal structure of the small business, whether it be a general partnership, limited partnership (LP) or LLC, there are always gaps where an opposing party may seek to “pierce the corporate veil. This allows creditors and other third parties to reach your personal assets. 68% of business partners expose themselves to personal liability due to a lack of understanding of Colorado business laws and business partnership law requirements.

  •  Make sure you have at least a limited partnership agreement in place.

Limited Liability Companies (LLC and Small Business Law Lawyers)

Individuals tend to start a limited liability company in Colorado since it is one of the easier corporate entities to form. However, like any other limited partnership, it has its advantages and advantages.

Having the right LLC operating agreement or other business partnership contract in place for your day to day operations is the first line of inquiry. In addition, some limited liability companies do not have a viable operating agreement in place. This can lead to sure disaster or dissolution of partnership operations.

Drafting and Reviewing Legal Business Partnership Agreement

Having an effective written Partnership Agreement is one of the most valuable investments that you can make when it comes to your business relationships. A legal business partnership agreement between the business partners that sets forth the legal obligations and duties of each other and to the company entity. At Watson & Associates, LLC, our Colorado partnership law firm develops the details in a way that business owners understand how to handle situations and problems as they arise. This includes dissolution of a partnership.


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