Over 30 Years of Government Contracting and Source Selection Experience.

Knowing how to effective submit a response to a request for proposal from the federal government requires a deep understanding of how the source selection officials must evaluate your proposal. Government Government Request for Proposal RFP Consulting Services contractors that merely respond to the solicitation’s terms and conditions often find that they miss the mark for the final award.

The proposal development consultants at Watson & Associates, LLC help government contractors to define their technical strengths and minimize weaknesses when responding to federal government proposals.

With over 30 years of government contracting and source selection experience, we offer high-level request for proposal consulting services to companies that want to improve their competitive edge when submitting government bids. From observing fatal proposal writing mistakes over the years, we understand the key solutions required to win proposals.

Why Use Our Government Request For Proposal Consulting Services?

Our proposal writing services include hands-on experience working for federal contracting agencies and source selection evaluation experience. As government proposal development consultants, we help clients in various industry groups and from all states when responding to requests for proposals.

  • As government proposal writing, we have served on source selection teams and understand how RFPs evaluation process works.
  • We also understand the issues challenged in Government Request for Proposal responses from studying publicized bid protest decisions.
  • Clients benefit from this information and learn to develop more competitive responses when deciding how to respond to an RFP.
  • We use our proposal writing experience to help federal contractors to increase their chances of an actual award.  
  • For each RFP response, we leverage both source selection experience and legal skills to better align you for the award.

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Request for Information (RFI) Response

When the federal government issues a Request for Information (RFI), this step does not bind the federal government.  The contracting agency is looking to see the level of bidder interest for a particular type of procurement. When companies do respond to a government Request for Information, they should present truthful information and still apply a high level of seriousness to the response. At Watson, our government proposal development consultants help our clients to provide adequate but brief responses.

Request for Quotation (RFQ) Response

The government contracting agency issues a Request for Quotation (RFQ), the agency uses it to allow contractors with GSA/ FSS schedules to provide quotes. Fee FAR 8.402 and FAR Part 805. When clients use our government RFP consulting services, we use our procurement expertise to provide them with sound guidance.

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