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At Watson & Associates, LLC, with law offices in Washington, DC and Colorado, our Defense contractor procurement fraud attorneys represent small businesses, large DOD contractors, and individuals charged with criminal activity under government contracting regulations. When clients are alleged to have violated federal wire fraud or mail fraud under procurement fraud statutes, SBA 8(a) Program, HUBZone and SDVOSB regulation, we develop a team of high-level government procurement defense attorneys to protect our clients’ rights. The following is proof that the federal investigative agencies are coming after federal contractors.

  • On June 27, 2017, Defense Contractor Sentenced To 30 Months In Federal Prison For $53 Million Procurement Fraud And Illegal Gratuities Scheme. See case here.
  • September 2016, Owner of Sham ‘Veteran-Owned’ Company Sentenced for $100 Million Fraud. See case here.

Watson & Attorneys provide and work with criminal defense lawyers across the U.S. by using our 30 plus years of federal government contracting experience. The law firm also litigates procurement related case at the appellate court levels. We work together with outside counsel on issues such as:

  • Allegations of wire fraud and mail fraud under the SBA 8a Business Development Program
  • SBA HUBZone Program, SDVOSB Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Programs
  • Selling defective parts to the government;
  • False statements  and fraudulent invoices;
  • Alleged conspiracy to defraud the government under SBA small business programs,
  • Legal advice regarding SBA small business program fraud.

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Outside Counsel Government Procurement Fraud Defense Lawyers

When  companies are going through federal government investigations, facing penalties for federal wire fraud violations and other alleged government procurement fraud schemes against the government, we realize that not all criminal defense attorneys understand the unique laws associated with government procurement and white collar crime. Therefore, we serve as outside counsel to companies seeking experience contract law attorneys during litigation.

When corporate executives and government contractors seek to protect their rights and minimize the impact of exposure to public procurement fraud or wire fraud, the law firm steps in and takes an aggressive defense approach.

Federal Government Contracting Clients

At Watson, our government procurement and federal mail fraud defense attorneys represent fortune 11o corporations, individuals and government defense contractors from various industry groups charged with violations of procurement laws, federal mail fraud  and federal wire fraud statute violations. Industries include IT companies, Construction, Medical, Manufacturers, Professional Services, SBA 8(a) certified companies, HUBZone Program participants, and SDVOSB small businesses.

We help federal contractors in all states: Given our deep understanding of procurement laws and the government contracting process, we are better positioned than traditional criminal defense lawyers to fully address the legal issues in a particular case.. We also represent small businesses alleged with wire fraud and procurement fraud with SBA programs.

Procurement Fraud Definition in Government Contracting?

Fraud is a deception deliberately practiced to secure unfair or unlawful gain. Fraud can have criminal or civil penalties. Defendants in fraud cases can be fined, and or imprisoned. The mail fraud penalties and consequences can be very severe when individuals are charged with wire fraud or mail fraud on federal government contracting. When defining fraud against the government, your criminal defense attorney looks at the particular statutory violation alleged, to develop a concise assessment of the penalties. 

Common issues arise under the Federal False Claims Act, Charges for fraudulent using the SBA small business programs such as Service Disabled Veteran Owned programs, SBA 8(a) Business Development Program and attempting to get federal contracts.

What is Federal Wire Fraud Statute in Government Contracting ?

federal government contract procurement fraud lawyersThe crime of wire fraud occurs when someone voluntarily and intentionally uses interstate communications, including fax, telephone or another instrument as part of a scheme to  (such as a telephone) as a part of any scheme to defraud the federal government.  The penalty under the federal fraud statute can vary depending upon the facts of your particular case.

Small businesses and large DOD contractors often find themselves defending against the Federal Wire Fraud Statute and criminal cases involving:

  • Submitting contract claims with intend to receive payment from the federal government,
  • Using interstate communications to submit bids and applications
  • Violation of SBA small business programs involving false certification information.

Mail Fraud Penalties and Wire Fraud Penalties

Federal government procurement fraud crimes can be charged as felonies or misdemeanor convictions. Felony penalties can range from a year or more in prison. Misdemeanors can be for less than a year.

 The difference between a misdemeanor offense and a felony offense is that a felony has a potential sentence of a year or more in prison, while misdemeanor convictions can result in a prison sentence of up to one year. There are a wide range of potential penalties for any federal fraud conviction, though they typically involve prison, fines, or probation.

  • Mail Fraud Penalties can range from 0 to 6 months up to 20 to 30 years per violation.
  • Convictions for mail or wire fraud can lead to $250,000 fine for each violation.
  • Restitution can be in addition to fines and usually a condition of probation.

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Our Federal Wire Fraud Statute Lawyers Can Represent Federal Defense Contractors in all States

Our Federal wire fraud statute and government procurement fraud defense lawyers can practice in various federal courts across the United States. Contact our government procurement fraud defense lawyers to discuss how we can help you.

Our federal government procurement fraud defense attorney services cover all states regarding criminal and civil matters. We assist federal small businesses and large DoD contractors in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington, DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. 

Cities in which our Washington DC federal government contract defense attorneys assist federal government contractors to avoid wire and mail fraud penalties include Anchorage, AK; Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; Chicago, IL; Colorado Springs, CO; Dallas, TX; Denver, Colorado; Indianapolis, IN; Las Vegas, NV; Los Angeles, CA; Miami, FL; Philadelphia, PA; San Antonio, TX; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; San Jose, CA; Santa Clara, CA; and Tampa, FL.

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