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Colorado CO Business Partnership attorney & Limited Partnership Lawyers DenverOperating a partnership business entity in Colorado often involves personal rights in addition to corporate obligations and its legal rights. Corporate members often run afoul of their obligations to their business partners and to the company itself simply because they don’t understand the laws.  This can be disastrous and costly.

At the Denver law firm of Watson & Associates, LLC we offer experienced limited liability and business partnership lawyers that understand the various disputes that can lead to expensive litigation.  We provide a broad range of corporate legal services.

Colorado Business Partnership Attorney Services

We offer a full range of corporate legal business services including:

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Our clients come from various industry groups. Understanding limited partnership law in Colorado also requires business partners to understand the regulatory compliance aspect of the partnership. As business formation attorneys in Denver, we know the importance of having a well-structured business partnership agreement, and the risks involved if owners have to resort to the Uniform Partnership Act, which Colorado follows.

Business Partnership Definition & Meaning?

A business partnership is defined as two or more individuals or businesses who conduct business for a profit.  

In Colorado, a limited partnership is formed when business partners operate a business or somehow jointly form the business but when one of the partners on has limited liability to the extent of his or her financial investment. 

Limited partners, however, do enjoy the benefit of receiving dividends but they do have access to income flow and expenses. One of the great benefits is that under a limited liability partnership business structure, the partners and business owners are not liable for business debts.

General Partnership and Personal Liability in Colorado

When you form a general partnership business in Colorado, your personal liability is limited as to the obligations, liabilities, and business debts. However, the General Partner does not escape personal liability when he or she is negligent, acts wrongful, or there is misconduct. In certain situations, creditors can establish personal responsibility by trying to “pierce the corporate veil.”

At Watson & Associates, LLC our Denver partnership lawyers provide legal advice and guidance to businesses before problems arise. We serve as outside counsel to small businesses and allow direct access for immediate response.

Resolve Business Partnership Agreement Matters

Having an effective business Partnership Agreement is one of the most valuable investments that you can make. A partnership agreement is a contract between the business partners that sets forth the legal obligations and duties of each other and to the company entity.

At Watson & Associates, LLC, our Colorado partnership lawyers develop the details in a way that business owners understand how to handle situations and problems as they arise.

Before engaging our business partnership attorneys to draft your partnership agreement it would be helpful to let us know: (1) the contribution of each partner to the business partnership (2) allocation of respective profits and losses, and any draws (3) managing and decision-making duties, and (4) voting rights.

  • You should at least agree upon these basic things before we start drafting your partnership agreement.

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