Avoid Costly Buy American Act (BAA) & Trade America Act Compliance Mistakes.

ThFAR Buy American Act & Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act Lawyerse Buy American Act is in place to minimize the government’s procurement of supplies which are not domestic end products in the United States.

Also, the purpose of the statute is to allow preference to domestic end products and sources of unmanufactured articles, manufactured goods, and construction material for public use unless a specific exemption applies. The bottom line is to push for fair trade and open market with a preference for American made products.

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Many companies selling products to the federal government often find themselves facing violations or bid protest litigation from either the FAR requirements or North American Free Trade Agreements Act of 1979 violation. Failure to accomplish either can lead to severe consequences under the False Claims Act.

  • We help our clients to avoid costly mistakes and to develop proactive measures.

With law offices in Washington, DC and Colorado, Buy American Act attorneys and Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act TAA Lawyers at Watson & Associates, LLC  provide personalized legal counsel and consulting solutions to large DOD contractors and small businesses across the U.S. 

We provide assessment and consulting services. We also provide legal services in bid protests and government investigations about Buy America restrictions, BAA qualifying countries, and legal analysis for clients involved with foreign trade.

FAR Buy American Act Requirements & Reciprocal Trade America Act TAA Services

When it comes FAR Buy American Act requirements and Trade Agreement Act compliance, the law firm offers legal analysis to be TAA compliant for government contractors nationwide. Our lawyers help with:

  • Assessing client products to see if they meet the two-part test 
  • FTA — Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act (Trade America Act) Compliance and Buy American Act Regulations, 41 USCA Section 10a-d and FAR Part 25;
  • Assessment of whether materials and supplies fall under the statutory exceptions.
  • General agreement on foreign trade tariffs and global trade treaty agreements;
  • Foreign trade adjustment assistance;
  • Legal issues related to restriction for procurement of ammunitions;
  • ITAR compliance matters
  • Compliance with trade agreements and Buy American Act countries list
  • Improper agency FAR BAA assessments
  • Internal policies and controls for fair trade and open market compliance
  • Buy American Act bid protest litigation and defense

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Fair Trade Agreements Act and Buy American Act Restrictions

Buy American Act restrictions can be problematic for companies that produce several end products. US domestic content restrictions on fair trade and open market contain required provisions that call for purchased items using specific funds appropriated or otherwise made available by Congress be produced or manufactured in the United States.

Federal government contract law contains a number of such restrictions. Although some of the requirements are waived because of the TAA Trade Agreement Act, Watson & Associates’ BBA lawyers can help you to sift through the confusion and develop internal BAA checklists, policies and controls to keep you in compliance.

Buy American Act Exceptions

There are Buy American Act exceptions, which permit the procurement of foreign end products and the use of foreign construction material.  These exceptions primarily occur when:

  • The expected value of the federal procurement is below the micro-purchase threshold;
  • Goods are for use outside on projects the United States;
  • Federal procurement of domestic goods or the use of domestic construction materials would be inconsistent with the public interest
  • Domestic end products or construction materials in the United States are unavailable;
  • The government contracting agency is buying information technology that is a commercial item; or
  • The purchased goods are acquired specifically for commissary resale.

Does Your Product Meet The Buy American Act Two-Part Requirements Test? As FAR Buy American Act lawyers, we help our clients to apply the two-part test requirements that government contracting agencies use to assess end products. The CO will look to see if:

  • Your end-product is manufactured in the United States, and
  •  if more than 50 % of the cost of all the component parts are also manufactured in the U.S.

If your company meets this requirements test, then your product could be considered a “domestic end product” under the Act.

Are there alternative statutory provisions for construction contracts and supply contracts? The Buy American Act statute allows separate applications and provisions for federal government supply contracts and federal construction contracts and applies. to small business set-asides.

Do American Act Provisions Apply to Small Businesses?

Yes. Buy American Act provisions do apply to small business set-asides

Government contractors hire Watson & Associates’ to help them to decide whether or not they are in compliance with the U.S. Reciprocal Trade Agreement Act. When making a determination as to whether your products are TAA compliant, we look in detail at the manufacturing process of your products, component lists, the various locations involved and also case law regarding Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act decisions.

  • We help clients to avoid costly mistakes and fines associated with non-compliance.
  • We provide guidance about Trade Agreement Act compliance when bidding on government contracts.

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